It is my intention to write a travel blog, and I’m getting closer to being regular at it! Here is a list of the places I’ve been since I started travelling.  If you want to know more about some of my trips please ask me to write a post!

Carnets de Voyages en français

Video Logs in English

Chloe sitting in front of the Kremlin and St Basil Cathedral
One of the beautiful places I couldn’t have visited from the plane, on my trip from Switzerland to China without flying

Currently: In India for an internship in Humanitarian Robotics, see the Live-in-Lab page
On the way to India: Europe to China by land
Adventure stopover in Mongolia
Study trip in China
Much needed holiday from my holidays in Thailand
May 2016: Mapping Parties in Brazil, the BeMap project

September 2015: WomENcourage conference in Uppsala, Sweden
Summer 2015: USLS Leadership Symposium in Hong-Kong
Back to the roots in NZ
Going crazy on our Japan study trip
June 2015: iCan international contest in engineering, Anchorage, Alaska then hiking trip featuring bears and beers.
April 2015: Family time in Edinburgh with my 2 brothers
February 2015: I missed my friends too much so I went to Singapore to see them, and to the jungle and beach in Malaysia in between.
(yes sometimes I do go to school and work)

Summer 2014: Failed my exams with a one-way ticket to Norway, cheapest backpacking trip of my life in the most expensive country of Europe (WWOOFing then with brother)

September 2013: Bruxterdon, when you can’t choose which European country to go to, go to all!
Summer 2013: WWOOFing in a Hare Krishna farm close to London. Spicy curry and watering all day long. Discovered Glasgow and Edinburgh afterwards.
Spring 2013: Short road trip to Munich with brother!

Summer 2012: First trip solo, WWOOFing in an educational farm then making friends in London

Family Adventures

My brother and I love to travel together, eat pasta with soup every single day, look like a couple because we both wear blue clothes, drink tasty Belgian beers, and take stupid pictures.

During Summer 2014, we were in Norway with our green hats:


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