The 10 times we failed our travel pictures

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Between March and April, we had a 2 weeks holiday in Malaysia with my brother Johann, and both of us were keen on taking loads of pictures. My brother had a new camera, a set of lenses and a new passion. I was happy to have my own photographer to model for my Instagram feed.

Unfortunately, neither of us have training in modelling, nor in photography, which resulted in some hilariously failed pictures.

1- When there was a water drop on the GoPro

We loved taking plenty of pictures with the GoPro; unfortunately the housing has a micro-scratch attracting a droplet of water that usually ended up covering my face.

Selfie of Chloe on Langkawi black sand beach holding her hat, face blurred by a water droplet on the GoPro housing
This could have been a great picture.
Picture of Chloe swimming at Seven Wells Waterfalls in Langkawi with her face distorted by a water drop on the GoPro housing
A perfect blobface. This one reminds me of the distortion effects you can do on your phone, but the GoPro did that to me on it’s own!
Selfie of Johann and Chloe swimming in Seven Wells Waterfalls in Langkawi. Chloe is blurred out of the picture by a droplet of water on the GoPro.
This pic looks just like I was blurred out of the picture on purpose. Censorship, you got me again!

2- All the times we wanted to look like models but ended up playing it stupid

I realised that I got more engagement on my Instagram posts if I was in the picture. I also realised that I have no idea how to pose seriously.

Chloe and Johann standing knee deep in water in Langkawi striking a stupid pose trying to pretend being travel blog models
“Okay, so, shall we pose in a nice Instagrammable way?”
Chloe throwing up her skirt in attempt to imitate the Marilyn Monroe street art from Ipoh behind her
Striking a Marilyn pose? Try again!

3- When my brother was too white

Johann in a lying down in a perfect pose on a rock under a waterfall in Seven Wells Waterfalls in Langkawi. The picture is over-exposed around his stomach and the water because he is not tanned enough.
Even the most talented photographer would have trouble fixing the exposure of this one. But at least Johann is looking rather good!

4- When the camera wasn’t in focus

We took plenty of lovely pictures of us together, the kind of picture my mom would do everything to get hold on… if only we weren’t that blurry.

Chloe and Johann balancing apart sideways by holding hands.
I kind of like that picture though.

5- When the weather failed us

That actually happened almost every day, but sometimes it was more upsetting.

Chloe with an upset sturgeon face in front of a view of clouds instead of islands on top of Langkawi cable-car
That time we took the cable-car to the top of Langkawi island to soak in the views of… the clouds.

6- When Johann destroyed the street art

Johann hanging on the basketball hoop of a street art piece in Georgetowm. The basketball that was attached to the wall is falling down.
The street art in Georgetown is beautiful, fun and interactive… so much that Johann knocked out the basketball!

7- When we weren’t in the frame

Chloe posing in front of Seven Wells Waterfall in Langkawi, cut out of the frame
This would have been a perfect waterfall picture… If you could see me!

8- When we forgot which way gravity goes

Johann putting his head in the mouth of a gigantic hippo painting at the 3D art museum at cable car Langkawi, failing to realise the way gravity works
That’s not the way gravity works! The 3D art museum was super fun but sometimes we got our pictures wrong!

9- When I forgot about my knee injury and tried to do a yoga pose

Yoga poses always look good right? Ah yeah but with an injured knee it’s not that easy to stand in tree pose, or any pose for the matter.

Chloe falling out of a yoga tree pose on Langkawi beach
I swear I held it for a second!

10- When we forgot to take our goggles off

We totally failed as beach bums. Out of 5 days at the beach we lay down our towels and ourselves on the top only once, and we both got sunburnt. The other days, we went swimming a couple of lengths in the sea, overheated, and went back to rest in our AC dorm.

Selfie on Chloe and Johann in the sea in Langkawi, with their swimming goggles on
How is that, goggles aren’t popular on Instagram?

We learn from our mistakes right? These fails are not that bad, most of them remind me how much fun we had and I would actually consider them as pretty good pictures! Eventually, we got quite a few very good pictures that would make my mum proud!

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