In Spring 2016, I attended a life-changing workshop called Imp!act where we learnt how to launch projects with social impact.

With our team (myself, Carole and Didier), we created a concept of re-using jars for take-away food. The idea was to reduce single-use plastic waste by providing re-used and reusable containers for quick lunches on the go.

Unfortunately, we had very packed schedules by the time of the workshop, then all of us went our own ways and we didn’t manage to launch the project. Vegan coffee shop Veganopolis loved the idea and had already thought about reusing their jars, and launched their own project by summer 2016!

Hopefully, when we get back, we’ll be able to spread the idea and get several take-away providers to adopt this new stylish way of packing food while reducing our impact on the environment!